Book Review: The Scarlet Letter (Manga) by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Illustrated by SunNeko Lee


The Scarlet Letter is a classic novel, this review is for a Manga adaptation, 308 pages. To be published in March 2015.
I received an advance copy from NetGalley. Thanks to Udon Entertainment for providing the ARC.

This manga is absolutely stunning. The ARC I received has lower definition images, but if what I saw was the low-res, the final product is going to be spectacular. The book does a wonderful job of retelling Hawthorne’s classic story.

The story is very accessible for readers of all ages and would be good for people who are perhaps struggling to grip the original text. It would be a particularly good read for fans of manga, or for people looking to read a classic in an easier format.

The artwork is more refined than most manga, but is still beautiful with clear layouts and crisp designs.


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