Book Review: Dark Unicorn by Isabella Fyfe


Title: Dark Unicorn
Author: Isabella Fyfe
Published: 18 December 2014
Publisher: Createspace
Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Folk Lore
Length: 32 pages

My copy of this book was purchased from the Amazon Kindle store.

Book Blurb (via Amazon):

When Pearl’s best friend Sky, the unicorn, is turned evil through magic, Pearl must travel to find the ingredients she needs for the cure. Can she find all of the ingredients to make the potion that will cure her friend? Or will she find out that the magic she needed was within her all along?

My Thoughts

For such a young writer, this story is incredibly imaginative. Although short, there’s friendship, betrayal, hope, and kindness all shown in a short space. Pearl’s heroics are admirable in her attempts to save her friend and there’s even a few twists in the tale too.

I think that this is a great start for such a young writer.


About the Author

Isabella Fyfe, at the time of writing Dark Unicorn, is nine years old. She wrote the story during National Novel Writing Month while signed up for the NaNoWriMo Young Writer’s Program.

She has always had an interest in writing stories. She loves creating worlds full of magic and stories about friendship. She has several stories in anthologies already.

You can look forward to many more stories by this author in the future.

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