#TBRDemolition: Week 2

I had a very productive first week, and my second week was just as good! I had no idea I could read so many books if I put my mind to it (and ignored everything else I’m supposed to be doing…). Week two’s stats below.

Books Read

 18070753 22106358 22238164 2334088423271779 10428803 7882155 18679049 23515326 22504626

I had a lot of books that were around half finished so I’ve tried to start focusing on those. I’m really pleased with the books that I’ve read. There hasn’t been a single flop among them! I’ll admit I’ve been reading some books that I shouldn’t have (not yet anyway!) and the ones that I really should be reading have been pushed to the side a bit. I did get around to some of those books this week though!

Books finished: 5 (Escape In Time; Murder Most Unladylike; A Darker Shade of Magic (preview); Seven DaysThe Sign of Four)
Currently Reading: Wuthering Heights (49%), The Water Travelers (35%), Emissary (34%), Half Bad (26%), A Rogue by Any Other Name (24%), Trees Vol. 1 (16%), The Iron Ghost (9%), Liccle Bit (9%), The Eterna Files (3%), The Dominion Pulse (2%)
Pages read: 1018 (2110 total)

Reviews posted this week:

Escape In Time
Murder Most Unladylike
A Darker Shade of Magic

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