What I’m Reading: March 23rd to March 29th

If I thought myself over-stretched last week, it was nothing compared to this past week. I fell down the stairs at home on Monday and have been out of it since Tuesday – lying in bed all day is no fun when you’re in pain and have no energy or concentration span! I got very little reading done, unfortunately. So I’ll have a lot of books brought forward from previous weeks. I can only dream that I’ll one day be caught up with them!

TBR 23rd-29th

(brought forward from previous weeks)

20624580 21996355 24337316 21413855 23288742 23368733 23346793 23508203

(Original TBR for 23rd to 29th)

24973366 25072227 25100254 23913449 24891189 

So, lots of reading to get caught up on. I have a feeling I’ll get a few read this week – a lot of them are 250 pages or less, so I should be able to knock those ones out easily enough. The longer ones will obviously take me a while to get through. After the horrible week I had last week, I’m looking forward to having a (hopefully) relaxing week this week and just taking things a bit easier.

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