What I’m Reading: April 27th to May 3rd

With three assignments due within days of each other this last couple of weeks, I’ve been super busy trying not to drown in university work. That being said, I’ve got a backlog of reviews that I need to write up, which is why the blog is looking pretty sparse from last week. I’m going to do my best to get all caught up this week once I’ve handed in my last assignment though, so look forward to a load of reviews!

TBR 27th-3rd

(brought forward)

20624580 21996355 24337316 23288742 23346793 23508203 25100254 23913449 24891189 24079768 25232097 22609309 23846110 23451034 20338654 23666117 21029365 22609511 20626028 21900205 23894549 24300178

(original TBR)

23125266 20648135 21826050 18765864 23346848 23365763

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