#TBRTakedown 2.0 – Day Four

I can’t believe we’re on day four already! Where has the time gone?! I didn’t get a lot of reading done today because I spent a lot of time travelling but I have still made progress, and progress is good!

Today I…

This morning was pretty much the same as any other morning for me, I got up and read a bit, but I also scheduled a couple of my reviews (which you may have seen on my blog already today) and wrote up a couple more as well. I mainly read Hysteria before work.

After work, I was packing and then dashing around the town buying flowers for my boyfriend’s mum to say thanks for all the help she’s given us in regards to the kitten. I then spent almost the majority of the night building the kitten’s new cat tree:


I’m super excited to bring the kitten home tomorrow (2pm!) and see him running around and getting used to his new surroundings.

So, it was 10pm when we finished building and I had yet to have any dinner, so I’m posting this at my usual time of 11pm and as you can see, it’s not been my best reading day. But there’s always tomorrow!

What I’ve Read Today


This is the book I’m reading for the third challenge: Book that’s been on my TBR the longest. I’m not really sure what to make of this book yet. It’s all a little unrealistic to the point of unbelievable right now, but I’m waiting until I’m through more of it before I make a final decision on it.

Pages: 25


I’m really loving this series. It’s fast paced and addictive and I still love the characters after the first book. The new investigation is intriguing and the Academy training is… interesting, to say the least. Looking forward to finishing this one soon!

Pages: 150


Books Read: My Neighbor Totoro, Dystopia, The Butterfly Shell, The Sham

Currently Reading: Hysteria, Her Past’s Present

Total Pages: 1114

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