#TBRTakedown 2.0 – Day Five

Today has been the best day ever! Maybe not for reading though… I got my new kitten today! I also had a job interview, which was nerve-wrecking!

Today I…

Seriously, I was awake before 8am this morning. I am getting a little tired of these early rises. I want to sleep until 10! Is that too much to ask??

Anyway, because I was up so early, and because I’m at my boyfriend’s place, I got up and went through to the living room so I could read. He likes to sprawl in bed until the absolute last moment that he needs to get up. I picked up Hysteria and powered my way through it until I was finished. I really love Anthony Ergo’s writing and I will be seeking out the rest of his books when I have money again (YALC left me broke :P). Finishing off Hysteria meant that I finished my second of the five challenges so I was fairly chuffed with that. I decided to pick up the easier read of my paperback choices for the next read though.

So after a quick breakfast, shower, and ironing of my interview clothes, I was left twiddling my thumbs for a bit waiting on Tim getting up, so I read some more of Her Past’s Present. I’m trying not to start all the books at once – which I have a habit of doing – and limiting myself to one paperback and one ebook at any given time. This seems to be working well for me so far, so long may it continue.

At 2, we headed out to get our kitten! I have honestly never been so excited about something in my life. It totally helped to distract me from my interview as well, which was a bonus because my anxiety was flaring up last night just thinking about it!

Kitten spam:

11745858_10206354279912617_4406244220810652380_n 11811429_10206354989290351_4828164822351285013_n11825943_10206353556134523_7353775584128360559_n

Little Luffy (pronounced Loo-fee) has settled in really well already and likes to climb everything! Tim and I both have scratches all over us just after a couple of hours – mostly on our necks cause he’s a shoulder cat.

So after a little play time with the kitten, I headed out to my job interview. It was at Sainsbury’s, about a ten minute drive from Tim’s flat, and I think it went really well – they got me to fill out a form with my sizes for uniforms anyway! I’m staying optimistic about it anyway!

After the interview, Tim and his mum headed out to buy more toys and things for the kitten while he snuggled up with me and I read some more books. We ordered a pizza for dinner – which was a fun experience with a little kitten – and then spent the rest of the evening just chilling out. Was a great day and I don’t want to go back home – to work – tomorrow!

What I’ve Read Today


I’ve really enjoyed this series and I can’t wait to read the next book when it comes out. I’ll definitely be checking out Anthony Ergo’s other works in the mean time. His writing style is so easy to read and yet really engaging and exciting.

Pages: 148


I’m still not really sure about this book. At 18% there still hadn’t really been anything happening, with the exception of a bar fight and a request from an old friend to use her car, with her as the driver.

Pages: 20


I picked this one up because it’s a book for younger kids and should be fairly quick to read. I realise that I’ve favoured my non-challenge books more heavily over the course of the week so far and I need to fix that over the last two days but for now, I’m enjoying this one.

Pages: 60


Books Read: My Neighbor Totoro, Dystopia, The Butterfly Shell, The Sham, Hysteria

Currently Reading:Β Her Past’s Present, Violet and the Pearl of the Orient

Total Pages: 1342

11 thoughts on “#TBRTakedown 2.0 – Day Five

  1. I’m so glad you got Luffy! He is so adorable! How old is he right now? We’ve had my kitten Elsie for 5 weeks now and the scratches have not stopped!! I still love her none the less though…
    -Dan πŸ™‚

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