#BookTubeAThon – Day Four

I have had a relatively lazy day today, doing little other than reading. I had a couple of books that were releasing today that I wanted to have read and reviewed but… well, it didn’t quite happen.

Today I…

Another morning wake up call from my brother being sick was not exactly what I had hoped to start my day with, but it did mean that I was awake earlier than I had anticipated and so I could start reading earlier too. I instantly picked up Darkmere because it’s released today and I’d been dying to know how it ended. The good thing about Thursdays is that I don’t start work until 3pm and I get a lift in from my mum, so I had loads of extra time for reading. Hooray! Especially since my readathon so far this week has been… well, pathetic.

On the upside, my package from the lovely Amber at The Mile Long Bookshelf arrived today and I got these beauties:


I’ve been wanting to read Circus Mirandus for a while and was waiting until my next book buying binge to get it but then I saw that Amber was selling a lot of her old ARCs on Twitter for the price of postage and I couldn’t pass that up. I got The Honest Truth as well because I could get two books for one postage price and I thought it sounded interesting. I so very nearly started reading them right away but I managed to restrain myself.

I basically finished work, ordered a takeaway so I wouldn’t have to cook anything, and then burrowed into my bed to read more books. I decided not to read too much of Fishbowl today because I can read it while travelling to my boyfriend’s tomorrow (for some reason I feel ill reading paperbacks on trains but not ebooks…). So I decided to continue A Malmont Summer and see how far I could get from there.

What I’ve Read Today


I loved this book. I wish I’d finished it sooner but I’m glad that I’ve finished it now. I know that I compared it to Black Cairn Point when I finished that book, but other than the teens going on a camping trip that ends horribly, the books aren’t overly similar in any way. I loved the ending to this one. The last couple of chapters were so tense. Brilliant book!

Pages Read Today: 181.


This book is a really different from what I had expected it to be, but in a really good way. I like reading about the different lives of the people in the apartment building and how they all interconnect in various ways. I love books that do that kind of thing.

Pages Read Today: 35.


I read more of this one after work and I’m still not really sure about this one. I’m more than halfway through and they’ve started their bucket list trips, but… I don’t know, something seems to be missing from it for me right now. I’m hoping that this sorts itself before the end of the book.

Pages Read Today: 33.


Books Read: Black Cairn Point, Shadows of Self (preview), Darkmere

Currently Reading: The Apple Tart of Hope, Fishbowl, Pretty Monsters, A Malmont Summer

Pages: 249 (Total: 715)

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