Exciting News!

Hello guys! Today I’m bringing you a brief but exciting non-book blog related post. This post will be focused on my writing and I’m really, really excited about what I have to share.

Yesterday morning, I was talking to a writer friend of mine on Facebook and discussing whether or not I should contact an agent via Twitter’s direct messaging service to ask him a question in regards to a new novel idea I’d had last month for Camp NaNoWriMo.

After much humming and hawing, my friend finally convinced me to just bite the bullet and message him. So I did. I told him I was writing a MG horror that was inspired partly by Pan’s Labyrinth and partly by Orange is the New Black. I mentioned that since he represented a lot of brilliant authors who write fantastically creepy stories, I valued his thoughts on whether this sounded like an original idea.

His response was ‘a pitch is a pitch!’ and sent me his number to contact him. Cue me freaking out! I wasn’t even expecting a response at all – agents are busy people after all! – so I was blown away by the fact that he not only responded but also wanted me to contact him to discuss my idea.

So, naturally, I went back to my friend who had suggested I contact him and had a little excitement induced drivelfest through the chat. I then text a published author friend of mine asking for her advice. Then I had to leave for work. That was a bit of a thud down to reality after such an exciting turn of events!

After work, I phoned my friend and she gave me lots of words of encouragement and then told me to hang up on her and phone him immediately. So I did.

He was such a lovely person to chat to! I was expecting to be a blubbering, rambling mess, but I think I managed to keep my cool and talk semi-coherently while pacing around my back garden in my pyjamas! Yes, I am that kind of person.

He told me that he agreed there was a gap in the market for darker middle grade and apparently Pan’s Labyrinth is his favourite film too! I was really encouraged by what he said and when I asked if he would be interested in me sending the query to him once I was done, he said yes!

Yesterday morning, I was just sitting around doing my normal things and then one little decision has boosted me into writing fervently for the first time in ages and being really excited about a project again.

You’ll notice a new widget to the right in the sidebar at the top. This is my current word count for Within These Walls (my working title for the book). I am determined to finish the first draft by the end of this month so that I can start to revise and polish it as soon as possible. It’s like my own mini-NaNoWriMo!

So, Mr Agent, if you’re reading this (for all I know, you might stumble across it), thank you for your words of encouragement and your interest in the project. I hope that I can do the idea justice and keep your interest once I’m finished!

Back to writing/reading now!

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