Book Review: Hysteria by Anthony Ergo


Title: Hysteria
Author: Anthony Ergo
Published: October 2014
Publisher: Tiltyard Press
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Dystopian
Length: 300 pages

I purchased a copy of this book.

Book Blurb (via Goodreads):

HYSTERIA sees Sasha, Aaron and Zara travel to America to combat a coven of Black Witches who are inflicting Hysteria on the local society. Can Sasha help her friends overcome the most deadly of foes and uncover the truth about Dystopia Day while trying to graduate as an Agent?

HYSTERIA is the second book in the paranormal YA series, DYSTOPIA by Anthony Ergo.

My Thoughts

You can read my review of the first book in this series, Dystopia, here.

Hysteria is the second book in Anthony Ergo’s Dystopia series and it was every bit as good as the first, if not better! I am seriously hooked on Ergo’s books and can’t wait to get my hands on more. His fast-paced, paranormal adventures suck you in right away and don’t let up, not even at the end.

Sasha, Aaron and Zara are heading to America to do some uncover work on a coven on black witches. Sasha’s cover is her training at the Academy – which she needs to complete and pass in order to become a fully-fledged agent like the others.

Her time at the Academy is anything but easy though. She’s partnered with the worst person she could think of, the others don’t seem to like her, and she has to try and sneak out without anyone noticing so she can meet up with Aaron and Zara.

Their work on the coven doesn’t exactly go to plan and things start falling apart around Sasha – whose relationship with Aaron is on the rocks and her scores at the Academy are mediocre at best.

Building on the events of the first book, Ergo delves deeper into what makes each character tick and it’s great to see these developments within them – especially Aaron. I liked how he wove together the loose ends of the first book with the fresh story of the second as well, keeping things fresh in our minds.

And the ending, my god! I thought I’d been put through the ringer with the first book but that was nothing compared to the revelations of this one! So many unexpected things are thrown at us by the end of the book that my face was almost permanently like this: :O for the latter part.

Exciting, action-packed, and full of supernatural beings causing havoc, Hysteria is a great sequel to Dystopia and I can’t wait to read the third instalment!


This book is available at the following links:

Non-Affiliate: Amazon UK | Amazon US

About the Author

Anthony Ergo is a YA author of ‘Dystopia’, ‘Hysteria’ and the new series, ‘Plague Risers’.

After graduating from University with an English Literature degree, Anthony wrote several children’s short stories before embarking on his first venture into the Young Adult genre.

“The idea for Dystopia all started with Sasha, the main character, and in particular an image which provoked several questions that I wanted to explore. Sasha is not your typical ‘strong female lead’ – she’s weak, flawed and unsure of herself in many ways. She starts the story willing to exist in a world of paranoia; a single event changes everything and forces her on a journey of self-discovery.

Following the publication of Dystopia in July 2014, Anthony released the follow up novel, Hysteria, on 31 October 2014.

He is currently working on a new project, ‘Plague Risers’ – a zombie novel set in the middle ages and due for release in summer 2015.

Anthony lives in Cheshire, England. As well as a writer, Anthony is also part of female fronted rock band Signed In Crimson

Find out more about Anthony at the following links: Website | Twitter

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