#BoutofBooks 14 – Day Six

So yesterday was pretty much a bust for me, there’s no denying that. Today I did much better. I was super productive, although I’ll admit not all of that was with reading.

Today I…

I got my next day delivery marker pens today which meant that I was able to finally finish off my Luffy wall art properly and make proper starts on the rest of the characters. I know that the drawings aren’t perfect, but I’m super happy with the way that it’s turning out and I can’t wait to see how it’s going to look once it’s done!


It’s a little further along than that now, but I haven’t taken a picture just yet.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time putting together a reading schedule for all my ARC books and today and tomorrow I’m basically just trying to finish off the books that I’ve already started, plus the smaller ones that I can do in a couple of hours. With that in mind, I went back to the Buzz Books 2015 Young Adult Fall/Winter collection and started reading through them. I’ve really been enjoying the variety that the collection offers.

I did a bit more drawing before I went back to reading again. I’m really pleased with how my reading has gone this month overall, even if this particular week hasn’t been all that great.

Books Read Today


Release Date: May 13th 2015
Progress: 40%


Books Read: The Selection, Furiously Happy

Currently Reading: The Boy Who Drew The Future, Isla’s Inheritance, The Elite, Buzz Books 2015: Young Adult Fall/Winter

Pages Read: I’ve decided not to bother with this now.

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