Introducing: Sort It September!


Hello, my name is Heather and I have a book problem*. I have a towering TBR and more books than I know what to do with. I like to buy more books than I read and then stare wistfully at the stacks as I read different books. I am currently reading a ridiculous amount of books and I feel like it’s time to do something about it!

So, introducing Sort It September! This is my month long self-challenge where I sort out my TBR, my NetGalley, my blog, and my reviews. I am going to get stuff done! See below for a breakdown of what I’m hoping to achieve during the month of September.

*It’s totally not a problem if I love it, right? …. right?!

NetGalley Stats


This is my NetGalley stats as of August 28th. This will have changed (hopefully) by the beginning of September, but I wanted to record it as it is now because I know what I’m like and I could do nothing for NetGalley over the weekend, depending on what I’m doing.

So, as you can see, I’ve had 2 invites, 115 approvals, and have given feedback for 68 books. A lot of the books that I’ve been approved for are now actually archived, which is a problem as I should have already read and reviewed them, and I haven’t.

NetGalley Books To Read

  1. The Iron Ghost – Jen Williams
  2. The Dominion Pulse – Brad A. LaMar
  3. The Eterna Files – Leanna Renee Hieber
  4. The Deep – Nick Cutter
  5. Enzan The Far Mountain – John Donohue
  6. Suckers: A Horror Novel – Z. Rider
  7. Coral & Bone – Tiffany Daune
  8. Under a Dark Summer Sky – Vanessa Lafaye
  9. Beneath the Forsaken City – C. E. Laureano
  10. The Devil’s Detective – Simon Unsworth
  11. The Raven’s Head – Karen Maitland
  12. Breaking Sky – Cori McCarthy
  13. Cannonbridge – Jonathan Barnes
  14. Enchantment Lake – Margi Preus
  15. Rock War: 1: Rock War – Robert Muchamore
  16. The Well – Catherine Chanter
  17. The Volume of Possible Endings – Barbara Else
  18. Sparrow 59 – Devon Ashley
  19. The Firebird Mystery – Darrell Pitt
  20. The Liar – Nora Roberts
  21. The Little Paris Bookshop – Nina George
  22. Wake – Elizabeth Knox
  23. I Let You Go – Clare Mackintosh
  24. Keep the Ends Loose – Molly D. Campbell
  25. Sacrificed – Emily Wibberley
  26. Sunset Rising – S.M. McEachern
  27. Hausfrau – Jill Alexander Essbaum
  28. I Am Radar – Reif Larsen
  29. A Place for Sinners – Aaron Dries
  30. Dauntless – Dina L. Sleiman
  31. Cleo – Lucy Coats
  32. Burnt Paper Sky – Gilly MacMillan
  33. My Dear Bessie – Chris Baker and Bessie Moore, edited by Simon Garfield
  34. The Lie Tree – France Hardinge
  35. Siren’s Fury – Mary Weber
  36. The Mirror Chronicles – The Bell Between Worlds – Ian Johnstone
  37. The Returned – Seth Patrick
  38. From A Distant Star – Karen McQuestion
  39. Love at First Flight – Tess Woods
  40. Buzz Books 2015: Young Adult Fall/Winter – Publishers Lunch
  41. The Dinosaur Lords (preview) – Victor Milán
  42. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet – Becky Chambers
  43. Zeroes – Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan & Deborah Biancotti
  44. Under Ground – S. L. Grey
  45. Firsts – Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

NetGalley Books To Review

  1. The Selection – Keira Cass
  2. Furiously Happy – Jenny Lawson
  3. This Is Where It Ends – Marieke Nijkamp
  4. Isla’s Inheritance – Cassandra Page

Author Request Stats

Occasionally, I get emails from authors asking me to review their books. Even though I put up a notice on my blog saying that I closed to requests on May 5th, people still send me requests and occasionally there’s one that just sounds so good that I do accept their request. I’ve started declining without reading the blurbs now because I know this list would be so much longer if I didn’t.

Author Requests To Read

  1. Orion’s Curse – Amy Barelloni
  2. The Bones of the Earth – Scott Bury
  3. Dare to Dream – Carys Jones
  4. Missing Melissa – Alretha Thomas
  5. INK – Glen Benest
  6. Blue Sun, Yellow Sky – Jamie Jo Hoang
  7. Last Bastards Standing – Kaya Sienna Cassedy
  8. Onyx Webb – Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz
  9. Unexpected Gifts – S.R. Mallery

Author Requests To Review

  1. Her Past’s Present – Michael Poeltl

ARC Stats

These are books sent to me from publishers/publicity people and are mostly physical proof copies – although some of them are ebooks/PDFs/Word Docs. Some of these I requested and others were sent to me without my knowledge (but were still a nice surprise!).

ARC Books To Read

  1. Luca Son of Morning – Tom Anderson
  2. The Sea Singer – Shome Dasgupta
  3. The Boy Who Drew The Future – Rhian Ivory
  4. Dark Room – Tom Becker
  5. ****, or The Anatomy of Melancholy – Matthew Selwyn
  6. The Hollow In The Hills – Ruth Frances Long
  7. Société – Alexander Helas

ARC Books To Review

  1. Darkmere – Helen Maslin
  2. Monsters – Emerald Fennell

All Stats

Books to Read: 61
Books to Review: 7

Other Reviews to Write: 5

So, during September, I am ONLY going to read the books above. I’m hoping to finish my current paperback, non-ARC read over the weekend and then it will be all ARC, all the time!

It’s about time I sort out this mess of a TBR of mine and get a huge chunk of these books read and done! I joined NetGalley on December 5th 2014 and I want to have ALL my review-related books read and reviewed by December 5th 2015. That is my goal and I’m hoping that September will provide me with a good start to that.

Feel free to create your own list of books to read to sort out your TBR in September and join along with me, or feel free to watch me as I inevitably fail at trying to read all the books.

2 thoughts on “Introducing: Sort It September!

  1. Yes, this is what my collective tbr piles need, desperately. And someone needs to close down my amazon account, because those ebooks call to me.. siren song… aaaargh. Yes, anyway, I would like to participate in this. I have started sorting stuff multiple times now, but the amount of books always makes me give up before I’m done… I will write a post and link back to you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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