#ARCAugust Wrap Up

I had a lot of fun this month reading and reviewing my backlog of eARCs and I’m proud of the very small dent that I made in my TBR pile (although I don’t think I actually did make a dent because I bought as many books as I’ve read…). On to the breakdown!

Books Read

22887640 25757032 25326323 25209891 25399706 23590503 24309180 23484705 13564634 24529123 24300178 25720941


NetGalley Books To Read: 45
NetGalley Feedback to Approval Rating: 58%

Other ARCs To Read: 12

Reviews To Write: 11
Of Which Are ARC Reviews: 6

ARCs Read: 12

I didn’t read as many books as I had hoped but I’m happy that I at least got SOME read and reviewed (although the reviews are once again backlogged). I’m going to use my Sort It September attitude to try and power through more next month and hopefully I can get a load more read (especially since I’m off work for two weeks).

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