Sort It September: Day One

Don’t worry guys! I’m not going to post a daily update post for every day this month – for starters, I think you’d all want to kill me, and secondly, I’m going away on holiday for a week this month so it’s unlikely I’d be able to do it anyway. I just wanted to take a moment on the first day of the month to state where I’m at with the challenge since I originally posted it on the 28th.


When I first came up with the idea for this challenge, I made the post and put it up on here almost immediately. So I’ve had three days of reading between then and now.

My stats when I introduced the challenge:

Books to Read: 61
Books to Review: 7

Other Reviews to Write: 5

And my stats now:

Books to Read: 65
Books to Review: 7

Other Reviews to Write: 5

Believe it or not, I’ve actually finished a couple books and posted reviews between now and then… I just got approved for a few outstanding requests on NetGalley as well.

I made a page here on the blog which I’ll be updating when I finish a book/post a review, as well as keeping my Currently Reading page up to date each night.

I’ll be posting weekly update posts on Saturdays or Sundays – it may vary throughout the month but it will always be one of those two days!

Got some goals for your own reading this September? Let me know in the comments! 😀

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