Book Review: A Hollow In The Hills by Ruth Frances Long


Title: A Hollow In The Hills
Author: Ruth Frances Long
Published: September 7th 2015
Publisher: The O’Brien Press
Genre: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy
Length: 411 pages

I received an ARC paperback of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Book Blurb (via Goodreads):

The sequel to A Crack in Everything. When an ancient and forbidden power is unleashed, Izzy, who is still coming to terms with her newfound powers, must prevent a war from engulfing Dublin and the fae realm of Dubh Linn. But by refusing to sacrifice Jinx – fae warrior and her ‘not-really-ex’ – Izzy sets in motion a chain of events which will see them hunted across the city and into the hills where she’ll face the greatest challenge of all.

My Thoughts

You can find my review of the first in this series, A Crack In Everything, here.

The second in this gripping urban fantasy series, A Hollow in the Hills is packed with more action, more danger, and more choices with deadly consequences.

Izzy hasn’t left her father’s watchful gaze much since the events of the summer. Training in her spare time and going back to school like an ordinary girl, Izzy is restless and all she really wants is to know what has happened to Jinx. After his parting words, she had hoped to see him more, not less.

Jinx, meanwhile, is trying to keep his distance. It’s dangerous for both Izzy and Dylan to be in the fae world with everything that’s happened. With no matriarch stepping in to fill the gap left by Holly, Dubh Linn has fallen into chaos.

But of course, they can’t stay away from each other for long; fate has other things in mind. With mysterious creatures from Sidhé legend stalking the human streets, Jinx and Izzy find themselves working together to find out who is behind it all. But there are big plans afoot and none of it is good news for them.

This was a great follow on to A Crack in Everything. Picking up a month or so after the events of the first book, it seems like things have settled down in the far realm, but looks can be deceiving and Izzy soon finds herself dealing with creatures that are just downright terrifying.

Returning characters and new enemies bring us back to the world of our Dublin and the fae Dubh Linn. Edge of your seat action flies you through the story and the ending. That ending! Cliffhangers are going to be the death of me one day, this one had me put the book down and instantly want the next one. If only…

An excellent sequel, one that doesn’t disappoint. This series is a must for urban fantasy fans.


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About the Author

Ruth Frances Long writes young adult fantasy such as The Treachery of Beautiful Things (Dial, 2012) and A Crack in Everything (O’Brien Press, September 2014), the first in a trilogy set in the world of demons, angels and fairies that exists alongside our own in modern day Dublin.

Winner of The European Science Fiction Society Spirit of Dedication Award For Best Author of Children’s Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2015.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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