#NaNoWriMo Day Fourteen

Another day that has not been great…

30 Day NaNoWriMo Challenge

Day 14 – Is the sexuality of your characters a large part of your novel’s story? If so, are there characters who deviate from the heterosexual “norm”? In what way?

Considering my book is aimed at a middle grade audience, I don’t bring sexuality into it.

Day 14 Stats

Screenshot 2015-11-14 23.06.49

I started back on the crawl today. I really enjoyed doing the crawl when I first started and I wanted to try and get back some of that initial enthusiasm because three days of being overly sad and un-motivated was not the best thing for my writing or my mental health so I’m trying to combat both today!

You arrive at the castle and wait in the hall with the rest of the first years. You notice a boy with messy black hair and glasses talking with a redheaded boy, a girl with bushy hair whispering to the people around her, and a boy with pale… well, everything. Write for ten minutes as you attempt to socialize with the people around you.

I set a timer on my phone as usual and wrote for 10 minutes. I was a lot slower than I would normally be, but I still got 449 words down so that’s progress!

Running total: 3,334 words, 3 Galleons

Professor McGonagall escorts you and your peers into the Great Hall for the Sorting. After the Sorting Hat sings its song and several students walk up timidly, your name is called, and you sit yourself down on the stool, timid and worried about what is about to happen. McGonagall places the hat on your head, and you are sorted into your House. Pick from the four Houses- Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.
Gryffindor: Are you brave enough to write ten times your typing speed in 10 minutes?
Hufflepuff: Remain loyal to your word count and write steadily for one hour with no breaks.
Ravenclaw: Calculate how many words it will take for you to write to the nearest 1000.
Slytherin: You’re an ambitious one, aren’t you? Write 1000 words in 30 minutes!

For this one, I chose the house that I got when I first registered for Pottermore, which is Ravenclaw (even though I had always hoped to be a Gryffindor, I’m totally happy being a Ravenclaw 🙂

After finishing my 10 minutes for the previous challenge, my word count was 21,090. Which meant my nearest 1,000 words was 910 words away…

I got 221 before I just felt drained and had to stop. This week has not been the greatest for me, so I’m not surprised I didn’t get the 910 I was aiming for.

Running total: 3,555 words, 3 Galleons.

First line I wrote today:

We needed to practice.

Last line I wrote today:

It was better than aimlessly walking, I supposed.

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