#NaNoWriMo Day Sixteen

We’re now over the halfway mark and I am determined to get myself out of my funk and back on track!

30 Day NaNoWriMo Challenge

Day 16 – At around the half-way point, it bears mentioning that most of us wrimos have other obligations beside simply hitting that elusive word count.  What else do you have going on in your life (work, school, children, neurotic pets, etc.), and just how much are you shafting it to win NaNo?

At the moment, I’m juggling all of this:

  • part-time job
  • university studying
  • blogging
  • vlogging
  • reading
  • spending time with boyfriend
  • job hunting

It’s not easy, but I’m managing to stay relatively on top of everything – except getting caught up on my reviews…

Day 16 Stats

Screenshot 2015-11-16 22.30.13

I am back on the crawl! As I type this I have the most weirdest headache I have ever had. It’s not painful, more of an annoying dizzy feeling, so I’m not sure how that will go for writing today, but I’m going to try!

The feast is delicious! Do the Three Digit Challenge as you eat at your House table and talk with those around you, as well as your House ghost. If you have an owl, you may skip this round for free.

So I gave up on the ‘write to the nearest 1000 challenge’ and decided to just move on to the next one. I took away one of my Galleons because it was basically skipping (I wrote 244 out of the 910 I had needed).

When I went on the Three Digit Challenge thread, the last number that was posted was 564, so that’s what I aimed for. I managed to get 619 words for this challenge, so I’m super happy with that.

Running total: 4,197 words, 2 Galleons.

After this, I had to go to work but I did get some writing done while I was there! These words don’t count towards the crawl total though.

First line I wrote today:

Towering over us, the hills we thought had been quite small, were actually more like another mountain.

Last line I wrote today:

‘Not me. Naya.’

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