#NaNoWriMo Day Seventeen

And so begins the days of getting caught up… or at least, that’s what I had planned anyway!

30 Day NaNoWriMo Challenge

Day 17 – In what time period is your novel set?  Is it in this world or another?

My novel is set in the present day and in our world. Boring, I know, but it does also have a doorway to the fae world where creatures exist!

Day 17 Stats

Screenshot 2015-11-17 23.48.02

So I was doing overtime at work today which meant I only really had between 6pm and midnight to get writing done, but I also had a lot of university reading to do as well… so, here’s how I got on anyway. Yes, I’m back on the crawl.

You’ve settled into your dormitory quite quickly and nicely, and your first couple weeks of class go well. Write for an hour as you grow accustomed to your new classes and all of the magic you’re learning.
Purebloods: If you write 1,250 words within the hour, take 2 Galleons.

I’ll admit, I was nervous before starting this challenge. Mostly because my writing has been so poor lately, I wasn’t sure I would even get 1,250 words within an hour. But I set a timer on my phone and wrote for the whole hour and I got 2,211.

I guess it wasn’t as difficult as I made it out to be in my head. Thankfully.

Running total: 6,408 words, 4 Galleons.

On your way to Potions, the messy haired boy who you now know is Harry Potter stops and asks you if you know where Professor Binns’ classroom is. Write 200 words in 10 minutes as you try to remember where his classroom is.
If you succeed: Harry hurries to Binns’ classroom and gives you a Galleon as a thank you for your help.
If you fail: You spend so much time trying to help Harry that you are both late to your next class. Write another 200 words as you apologize to Snape and try not to lose any points for your House.

So, hot off the heels of my 2k sprint, I was pumped up for getting more words down. For this one, I set a timer for 10 minutes and went at it, getting 486 words.

Running total: 6,894 words, 5 Galleons.

First line I wrote today:

The old woman was so nice to us.

Last line I wrote today:

‘To make sure we go back.’

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