#NaNoWriMo Day Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four

I forgot to upload this yesterday but in my defence, I was knackered from a day of work/travel and had an early night because of a job interview that I had today. So a double update it is!

30 Day NaNoWriMo Challenge

Day 23 – Do animals play any part in your story?  If so, how do they add to it?

One of my characters can shapeshift into a wolf-like creature, but other than that there isn’t really any animals.

Day 24 – Is religion featured in your novel at all?  If so, which ones?  If it’s/they’re your own creations, describe it/them and how it/they play(s) a part in your characters’ lives.

One of my characters is Jewish but other than it being mentioned when she’s first introduced, it barely gets mentioned again.

Day 23 Stats

Screenshot 2015-11-23 23.55.04

Harry catches a flying key and opens a large wooden door. Inside the next room is a giant wizard chess set. You and your friends need to replace some of the pieces and play the game. Ron takes the place of a knight, Harry becomes a bishop, and Hermione takes over for a rook. Pick a chess piece and complete the challenge below!
Pawn: You know you won’t be of much use to the game and think it would be wisest to be taken out early. Complete a Fifty Headed Hydra and take a fifteen minute writing break to recover from your injuries.
Rook: You take the place of the other rook and spend the game running across the board, strategically taking out important pieces of the other side’s team. Sprint to 200 and take a five minute writing break once the game is won.
Bishop: You take the place of the other bishop and sneakily take out pawns on the other team. Write for 20 minutes and take a five minute writing break once the game is won.
Knight: You take the place of the other knight and become the wild card of the match. Write 300 words in 15 minutes until you’re taken out by one of the other team’s rooks. Take a fifteen minute writing break to recover from your injuries.

I decided to go with the Knight for this challenge because I feel like it would be the option I would actually take in that situation. I managed to get 405 words written for the sprint.

Running total: 11,561 words. 9 Galleons.

I also wrote 104 words when I got to my boyfriend’s but they didn’t count towards a crawl challenge.

First line I wrote today:

Oh no.

Last line I wrote today:

And I didn’t think Bracha planned it that way either.

Day 24 Stats

Screenshot 2015-11-24 23.31.21

Harry and Hermione move ahead into the next room when you stay with Ron. When Hermione comes back, sprint to 300 as you run to find Dumbledore and explain the situation to him.

For this sprint, I got 328 words.

Running total: 11,889 words, 9 Galleons.

The word gets out that Professor Quirrell is the one who wanted the stone, not Snape! Rumors also spread of your bravery in helping Harry, Ron, and Hermione as you four went through the challenges the professors set to protect the stone. Dumbledore awards you fifty points for your courage. Write for five minutes as your peers congratulate and admire you.

I set a quick timer and went at it, getting 372 words.

Final Crawl Total: 12, 261 words, 9 Galleons.

Summer vacation is here! Take an hour long writing break– you deserve it! In the meantime, post your words written during your first year at Hogwarts as well as how many Galleons you have left in your vault, and stay tuned for the Extreme Harry Potter Crawl: Year Two!

I did take the hour long writing break – even though I didn’t really need one – and used it to play some video games and watch TV while writing up the challenges from the Year Two crawl.

My Galleons get carried over and I’m still a Pureblood, Ravenclaw with a cat.

You’ve been spending your summer with the Weasleys, and when you and Ron find out that Harry’s in trouble, you go with him, Fred, and George to rescue him in the flying car. Write for ten minutes as you fly home to the Burrow.

Setting another timer on my phone, I got 533 words in the ten minutes.

Running total: 12,794 words, 9 Galleons.

Molly has some work for you to do to help around the house. For every challenge below that you complete, she gives you one Galleon.
De-gnome the garden:Word war for fifteen minutes with a friend. The loser has to write an additional 100 words!
Fix the clock:Write 250 words.
Help Molly cook dinner:Write for twenty minutes.

I decided to try fixing the clock and helping Molly cook dinner for this challenge. I tend to steer clear of the word war challenges because then I have to try and find someone to do them with and it’s easier to just do my own thing.

So when I fixed the clock I got 299 words down, and I got another 425 words for helping Molly cook dinner.

Running total: 13,518 words, 11 Galleons.

First line I wrote today:

Then, just as I was about to fall to the ground and admit defeat, there was a light ahead.

Last line I wrote today:

Fighting back.

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