A Little Life Update

Hey guys, I can’t believe we’re already four days into February!

I wanted to write a quick update post on here to let you guys know why I’ve been a bit quiet around the internet and blog especially lately.

I’ve been super busy and ill as well, so not a lot of things have been getting done in general. I have a lot of projects that I’m juggling and because of my illness, I’ve kind of dropped… well, all of them at the moment.

I want to give a quick breakdown of the kinds of things I’m trying to accomplish week to week just so people understand that I’m not neglecting my blog/booktube/social media.

I try to read at least before I go to bed each night, but sometimes I’m just so tired I fall straight asleep. I plan to write at least one review each day and then I lack the enthusiasm to actually sit down and write something about any of the books I’ve read lately. I plan to update all of my pages on the blog and create a spreadsheet to keep up to date with my reviews and I start both these jobs and barely get far before the enthusiasm leaves me and I stop working on it.

Then there’s my university work. I’m currently a couple weeks behind in the reading right now and my next assignment is due on the 15th of February so I’m trying my hardest to get caught up with that right now so that I don’t end up failing. I have to write the beginning of a novel for my end of module assessment and am supposed to be working on that right now and I haven’t even had the energy for that.

I recently reopened my editing services and have a new client to work with so I’m trying to find the time and energy to do as good a job as I know I can do so that the author has my best notes to work from with their revisions. I also decided to start a new business venture recently as well – in one of my rare moments of being enthusiastic and inspired by something – so I have a bunch of supplies coming in and need to try and get that up and running.

On top of all of that, I’m still trying to edit my own novels, keep my flat tidy, go to my part-time day job, and find some time to just relax.

My illness was in my stomach and it knocked me flat for a week and I’m still trying to crawl out of the rut that it’s put me in.

So I apologise for the lack of content lately but I am working on getting things up so that I have regular content again.

Thank you guys for being so patient with me and continuing to visit my blog.

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