Today I Started A New Book…

One that I’m writing myself! It’s been a while since I started something new… well, actually, it was only November, which isn’t that long considering I went a couple years without a new idea once, but I’m really excited about this new series because I know naff all about where it’s going or what’s going to happen!

The thing I like the best about a new idea, is figuring out what’s going to happen when as I write it and this time I decided to do something different (and scary!). I’m uploading the novel as I write it to WattPad.

So, for those of you who may be interested in reading along with me and discovering the story as I do – perhaps even influencing events through your comments – here’s a little more about the series.

It’s tentatively titled the Touch of Magic series and it will have twenty-six books in it. Yes, you saw that right. Twenty-six. One for each letter of the alphabet. The first book is called A Little Touch of Magic and currently has one chapter live. I have a blurb for this first book and a first chapter. That is all.

Now, I have always identified myself as a pantser but I guess this is taking it to a whole new level! Still, I’m excited to continue this and see where it goes. I am going to plan things along the way – come up with titles and blurbs for the other books, for example – but I’m planning to keep the stories relatively short, maybe 25-30k each so that they’re not too long and the series becomes a monster.

So, back to the first book. Here’s the cover that I came up with yesterday while playing around with the idea:

A Little Touch of Magic v2

Now, I’m no professional cover designer, but I kind of like this. I asked for some feedback while I was working on it and made some tweaks and I’m happy with the final result.

So, what is A Little Touch of Magic about?

Ilaina is an orphan with no memory of her time before the orphanage. Although the matron has always been nice to her, and the other children generally let her be, Ilaina has always been restless. Something big was coming. She wasn’t sure what, but she knew that it would change her life. What she didn’t expect was a haggard older gentleman who wanted to adopt her. Who was he? And why was he so interested in her? She had never told anyone about her fairies; the little creatures she could summon when she wanted, but this man spoke as though he knew of them.
Unsure as to whether she should be wary or not, Ilaina tries to keep her distance from her new adoptive parent by exploring his large house with many dark passages and hidden secrets. Just who was this man who had taken her away from her humdrum life? And what was he keeping hidden in his home…

The series is geared towards Middle Grade but I hope that people of all ages can read and enjoy it. It’s fantasy/magical realism and I’m really excited to try something new with my writing.

The story is set in Scotland (because I need to write what I know if I’m doing a story set in our world for once!) and I’m hoping that I can do this idea justice.

To read the first chapter, just click here and please do leave a comment (either here or on WattPad) to let me know what you think so I can take feedback on board when continuing with the rest of the series.

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