New Release Book Review: Laying Ghosts by Virginia King

Laying Ghosts

This review is for the free short story by Virginia King, Laying Ghosts. You can download a copy, here.

My Thoughts

A chillingly creepy short following Selkie Moon, of King’s Selkie Moon Mysteries series, as she travels back to a cottage by the sea that holds a dark moment in her past and a terrible secret she’s about to uncover.

With her controlling husband away for the weekend, Selkie receives a mysterious text from her old best friend, someone she hasn’t spoken to in four long years. Always assuming that her friend Rina had run away to London to get married after the horrible events of that fateful night, Selkie rushes to her aid when she thinks Rina is back.

But all she finds is an empty house full of dark memories. Rina’s boyfriend, Frank, was the landscaper and had the run of the house while he worked. Inviting several people over for a party, Selkie is shocked to discover what he really has in mind for the evening.

With the troubling past tumbling through her mind, Selkie has to settle in for the night as a storm passes overhead. In the morning, a horrific discovery gives her chills. Everything she thought she knew about that night, and her best friend, was wrong.

So much is packed into such a short tale but it definitely gave me goosebumps! King’s writing is vivid and really draws a reader in, and this short story is no exception. With some surprising twists, this story isn’t as straightforward as it appears.

Not everything is as it seems, as Selkie finds out.


2 thoughts on “New Release Book Review: Laying Ghosts by Virginia King

  1. Many thanks Heather for hosting my guest post and leaving this insightful review. Much appreciated 🙂


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