Book Review: Unwilling Omega by Dominique Goodall


Title: Unwilling Omega
Author: Dominique Goodall
Published: April 21st 2016
Genre: New Adult, Supernatural
Length: 68 pages
Source: eBook from Amazon

Book Blurb (via Goodreads):

When out for a run one afternoon, Becca never expected to be attacked. When she discovers that it was no dog that bit her – but a wolf long-believed to be extinct – a Dire wolf, she panics. Becoming a wolf herself, she’s pushed to unusual odds in order to survive – a harder task than it seems. While Becca has overcome a past of depression and self-harm to become a rather forward, dominant woman – Breeze, the wolf which shares her body is a true omega.

Can she survive being both an alpha and an omega in the same body?

**This book contains scenes of self-harming. This is not intended to glamorise self-harm, but instead to draw attention towards getting past that, and learning other coping strategies.**

My Thoughts

Becca’s life is turned upside down when she is bitten by a wolf in the forest. But it wasn’t just any wolf, it was a dire-wolf and now she must learn how to become a member of the pack while being the lowest of the low, the most submissive, the omega.

This is a nice short, quick read and is quite fast-paced. Becca finds herself in trouble when her stubborn streak means she isn’t willing to submit to the pack as they would like. Constantly picked on, challenged, and beaten by the other members of her pack, Becca tries to adjust to her new life. When the wolf who bit her, Shadow, makes a play for Alpha, Becca’s life is once again changed with her suddenly being more protected within the ranks of the pack.

I really enjoyed the journey that Becca took during her transformations and finding her place within the pack. Her relationship with not only the wolf who bit her but also the wolf that is housed within her, Breeze. Watching Becca’s attitude slowly change towards the pack and the wolves and seeing her settle into her new role was really interesting.

My only quibble with this story is that because it was so short, a lot of the scenes seemed to be the same when it came to her initial interactions with the pack. I would’ve liked to have seen a bit more exploration but for the confines of the story, I still think it worked well.

This would be a fantastic story for those that love wolves and similar kinds of stories. A nice quick read, it’s perfect for a lazy afternoon read or while on a commute.


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