So Here’s The Thing…

Today I was going to be posting my first Sort It September post, but today’s been a hard day and I’m going to tell you exactly why because I feel like this on-going situation I have is going to seriously affect my blog in this coming month…

So, I’m going to get straight down to it. My boyfriend and I are struggling financially. When I moved here in December of last year, I had just gotten a new job that was 4 hours less than my old job and paid less money too. Even when the pay rose to the new minimum wage, I make just shy of £500 a month. My boyfriend took redundancy just before I moved in and for a time, things were okay.

I struggled a bit switching from weekly pay to monthly, but I had a budget system and tracked my spending and made it work. I was saving, and I still had money left over each month.

Then we entered 2016. Tim was diagnosed with depression which delayed his job hunting and he spent all his time on the computer trying to get his game he was making with friends off the ground – it’s still not done, I’m not actually sure what’s happening with that. He’s been building his skill set recently so that he can do freelance but work’s not been forthcoming.

And now his redundancy money has run out, we’re in serious danger of not being able to pay our mortgage this month.

I had a healthy savings account at the beginning of the year with around £1300 in it. Then I took the trip to the London Book Fair, we went on holiday to Amsterdam, and I’ve booked to go to the SCBWI conference in November. This, combined with having to fork out money for new work clothes/shoes and have a ton of unexpected issues crop up that all cost me money. I’ve ended up borrowing money from my family to help tide us over.

Of course, this has all run out too. I was close to being overdrawn twice last month – and I don’t have an overdraft allowance.

Basically, between Tim and I, we have maybe £500 and with bills coming up, by the time we reach the 23rd and our mortgage payment, we’re not gonna have enough to pay it unless we, you know, don’t eat or something.

We also have our two kittens to take care of.

I know that this is a super whiny post and I’m not meaning it to be, honestly. I’m just stressing out about my whole situation and so this brings me to my point of the post.

I’m scaling back on my blogging for the time being. I’m giving up my BookTube channel and I’m not sure what I’m going to do about my writing.

I’m going to focus my energy on selling all of our spare items, collectables, and other things that we don’t need and could be worth something to someone else. I’m looking into new jobs to see if I can get something full time. Just anything that will dig us out of the hole we’ve found ourselves in.

We have a meeting with the jobseekers tomorrow for Tim and hopefully get that ball rolling while he’s looking for work again. I’m hoping that it all goes smoothly, but who knows.

So yes.

I’m taking a break for my own sanity. Too much stress is unreal right now and I don’t want to end up relapsing into the social anxiety shell that I was before. I want to move forward, not back.

I’ll still be posting as part of a couple of blog tours in this upcoming week and I’m going to work through my backlog of reviews and review books for the time being.

I apologise to everyone for the sporadic posts and absences I’m sure to have. I hope for your understanding during what is probably the worst time I’ve had in my life since my anxiety.

Hoping for a better tomorrow…

H x

5 thoughts on “So Here’s The Thing…

  1. Oh Heather, so sorry to hear this – hope you can get some of the stuff sold, and that work will soon come along for Tim. Have you thought of asking your mortgage lender for a payment break of a few months? We had to do this once and were amazed it was possible to negotiate that, effectively only paying half for a few months until our circumstances changed. Worth asking?

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    • Yeah, that’s something we’re going to look into after our meeting tomorrow. Just caused such a headache today when our bills came out and left us with less than we thought and not enough for the mortgage (which comes out before my next pay). Juat trying not to let it overwhelm me too much just now.


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