NaNoWriMo 2016: Day One

Day One was a pretty horrific day productivity-wise, so let’s just jump into how it went.

day-1I forgot to screenshot this last night when the bars were lovely and green, but it still shows the amount of words I got down since I haven’t started on today’s count just yet!


I started with Higher Calling yesterday as I remember it being so much fun to write. My aim is to write 1200 words of each of my five novels each day until I complete the first drafts of each one (as I complete the drafts, the number of words for each novel a day will obviously go up).

First sentence written:

So. I may have spent the rest of that morning in a happy bubble of bliss.

Last sentence written:

‘What are you saying?’ Kip squinted at me in that cute way that he had.

Total Words: 1,202


After hitting my 1200 for Higher Calling, I got a friend to pick which story I should work on next and she chose Space, Me? I only had 600 words for this one so it’s basically like starting fresh. At this point, I was following the Harry Potter Year One Word Crawl from the NaNo site to help motivate me to get my words down.

First sentence written:

‘What happened here?’ he asks as he lets go.

Last sentence written:

‘Maybe once,’ the boy says. ‘Not anymore.’

Total Words: 657

So, my goal for today is to get caught up with yesterday’s target at the very least, but hopefully get to my personal target for today of 12,000.

How’s your NaNo going?

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