NaNoWriMo 2016: Day Two

I had a MUCH better day today than day one and I feel super positive about where my novels are all heading and how much writing I’m getting done.


As you can see, I got LOADS done yesterday. I’m currently sitting just over where I’d liked to have been on Day One but I’m confident that I can make up those words today since I’m off work again!


I picked up where I left off with Space, Me? the day before. Still using the Harry Potter word crawl, I managed to hit my 1200 target for this one in no time.

First sentence written:

I can’t speak.

Last sentence written:

The dash lights up in a million colours and I marvel at the sight of it.

Total Words: 756


After Space, Me? I moved onto the only novel that I am starting from scratch. This was supposed to be my only NaNo project at first. I’m not a huge fan of the opening I started with, but this is NaNo and it’s not for editing. I’ll fix it all come the new year!

First sentence written:

Allow me to start at the beginning.

Last sentence written:

With warmest wishes,

The Headmaster’

Total Words: 1,223


After Not Your Average Fairy Tale, I moved back into very familiar territory with A Little Touch of Magic. I’m planning to start uploading these chapters every Sunday, like I was doing before I took a break at the end of September. I’m so close to finishing this story now.

First sentence written:

The reunion went pretty much as I’d expected; as Mr Ravencroft had warned.

Last sentence written:

I can’t imagine why your mother gave you up, but I can only imagine it has something to do with my dear relatives.

Total Words: 1,203


The final story I worked on today was The Moon Child. When I finished with this one, I’d finally gotten all five novels 1,200 brand new words.

First sentence written:

I can’t remember ever being happier than I am at this moment.

Last sentence written:

If it’s alright, I’d like to speak to her mother, too.’

Total Words: 1,236

So, that was my second day! I’m super happy with how it went and eager to get started on day three – although I still have many, many chores to do before hand.

How was your day two?

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