2017 Goals

Holy crap, it’s 2017! Last year was a pretty brutal one if you were a celebrity – old or otherwise – but we’ve made it through and hopefully this new year will be kinder to everyone. Personally, 2016 was a great year for me and moving forward, I’m hoping to build on the momentum that I’ve built.

Goodreads Reading Challenge

In 2014, I had a goal of 50 books and beat it with 64. 2015, I had a goal of 100 books and read 188. 2016, I’d originally wanted to read 200, but I lowered it to 100 and managed to read 105.

For 2017, I’m going to aim for 150. Building on the challenge from before but not being overly ambitious as I was last year. I think with the new schedule that I’m building, this should totally be achievable and not that difficult either.

For the majority of 2017, I’ll be focusing on getting my NetGalley ARCs read and reviewed to bring my overall feedback ratio up from 64% to 80% (the recommended) and then fully up to 100%.

I can’t recall what my TBR for review books is right now, but it was hovering around 80 books at my last count. The goal is to get that all the way down to 0 so I don’t feel so guilty reading a book for pleasure when I could be reading a book for review!

Blog Schedule

So I’ve tried this a couple of times, unsuccessfully, over the course of 2016, but I think that I’ve finally settled on a schedule that will work well for me in the coming year

With the exception of blog tour posts – where I sometimes don’t get a say in the day that I post – I’ve locked down this line up for my review blog heading into 2017.

Monday – Readathon TBRs/Monthly TBRs/TBR updates
Tuesday – Reviews (max of 3)
Wednesday – Top 5 Wednesday
Thursday – Reviews (max of 3)
Friday – Friday Faves
Saturday – N/A
Sunday – Week In Review/Book Post

Because I recently revived my old writing blog (after abandoning it to begin this blog) I’m hoping that I can consistently stick to my schedules for both blogs and keep them up to date.

Obviously for months that have NaNoWriMo or Camp NaNoWriMo and events like ARC August, there will be more posts and probably daily throughout those months.

Thanks for sticking with me for the last two years and hopefully we’ll continue to grow together over the years to come.

Happy New Year everyone, hope it’s a great one x

6 thoughts on “2017 Goals

  1. I’ve also set my goal for 150, and honestly I think it gets easier with a schedule in place for yourself. Having one helped me get to exactly 150 new books in 2016, and one of my new year’s resolutions is to have my blog reflect my improvements in time management as well. I believe in your abilities to complete your goals! 🙂

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