#BoutofBooks18 | Day Three

I have Another One Bites the Dust stuck in my head as I type this out. It’s not a bad song to have stuck there though.

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I finally finished this one! Hurrah! I only had 88 pages left but it took me all day to finish because I kept getting distracted by my game.

I’ll be honest, this one had me all teary-eyed as I finished. It’s an excellent piece of Scottish fiction and I was practically a blubbering mess by the time I closed the book because I was in love with wee Mary and her granpa.

Funny story to go along with this. I had a missed called from a number I didn’t recognise and when I looked it up online, the number was from Portree on the Isle of Skye… guess where this book is set? Freaky, huh?!


I started this one a while ago and I don’t know really know why I stopped reading it because I was really enjoying this one. I think it might have something to do with it being a PDF, which means I’m reading it on my laptop instead of on an ereader or as an actual book.

Anyways, I picked this one back up again because I’m really trying my hardest to get through all my TBR of review books and this is one of them. I feel absolutely horrible for having so many eARCs that have been out for ages so I’m trying to fix that in the coming months. I have to start somewhere and so I’m starting here.

I was on page 49 already and I ended the day on page 75.


If I remember correctly, I got this book out of a Book Riot Quarterly box – can’t remember if it was a YA one or the original version. I had no idea what this book was about going into it but it does serve me for this readathon and the #queer52 challenge (if you’re interested in learning more about this challenge you can find it on my Reading Challenges dropdown list 🙂 )

So, from what I’ve read so far. Emi and her friend Charlotte are on a mission to find this dead celebrity’s granddaughter after finding an envelope hidden in an old vinyl record sleeve. They both work in stage production or some kind of movie-related job and they get to do cool stuff like rummage around dead celebrities houses’ for stuff to use on set. Sounds like the dream, to be honest. I’m really enjoying this one so far and can’t wait to see how their adventure goes.

So, picking this one up I was on page 0 since it was a brand new read and I managed to get to page 50 before bed.


Books Finished: Follow Me Back, Mary’s the Name
Currently Reading: Devil’s Playground, Everything Leads to You
Pages Read: 666

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