#BoutofBooks18 | Day Seven/Wrap Up

It’s over! I can’t believe the week went so quickly but it has and now the readathon is over with. Below is my final stats for the week.

Books Read


Books Started


Original TBR

  1. Follow Me Back – A.V. Geiger
  2. Mary’s the Name – Ross Sayers
  3. Lady Cop Makes Trouble – Amy Stewart
  4. Everything Leads to You – Nina LaCour
  5. Devil’s Playground – Heather Eager

As you can see, I managed to read four out of the five books I had originally planned. Yesterday, I didn’t actually do any reading until about ten p.m. and by that time I just wanted to settle down with an old favourite which is why I picked up the illustrated Harry Potter. So, with the pages from that taken into account, I read a total of 1086 pages this week.

How did you get on with Bout of Books?

3 thoughts on “#BoutofBooks18 | Day Seven/Wrap Up

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