December Wrap Up

It’s been a very long time since I did a wrap up post here on the blog but I’d like to start getting into them regularly again. I have my weekly wrap ups at the end of each week and I think it would be nice to have one post at the end of the month to show exactly what I’ve read and received during that month. So, here goes.

Books Read

18775120324031332204275127802575243373162976753618370779Image result for beaky malone worst ever school trip31422849272216143033311932849581

Books Received

3247061131308576278025752947230124548235292380412976753630656895298525143022578327209624Image result for what not to do if you turn invisible ross welford2455084828103346218503083079548431121935111182567909333103402811447831673811Image result for beaky malone worst ever school trip328495813142284926859967

So… um, 13 books read and 27 books received. Luckily some of the ones that I received, I also read, otherwise my TBR would be growing to an insane amount right now!

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