New Release Book Review: The Two O’Clock Boy by Mark Hill


Title: The Two O’Clock Boy
Author: Mark Hill
Published: April 6th 2017
Publisher: Sphere
Genre: Adult, Crime, Thriller
Length: 400 pages
Source: NetGalley eARC

Book Blurb (via Goodreads):


One night changed their lives
Thirty years ago, the Longacre Children’s Home stood on a London street where once-grand Victorian homes lay derelict. There its children lived in terror of Gordon Tallis, the home’s manager.

Cries in the fire and smoke
Then Connor Laird arrived: a frighteningly intense boy who quickly became Tallis’ favourite criminal helper. Soon after, destruction befell the Longacre, and the facts of that night have lain buried …until today.

A truth both must hide
Now, a mysterious figure, the Two O’Clock Boy, is killing all who grew up there, one by one. DI Ray Drake will do whatever it take to stop the murders – but he will go even further to cover up the truth.

Discover the gripping, twist-filled start to a fantastic new London-set crime thriller series starring morally corrupt DI Ray Drake – the perfect new addiction for fans of Luther.

My Thoughts

I’m sure most people are aware by now that I love Crime fiction. It’s one of my favourite genres – having been brought up on Rebus and Morse – and I’m always looking for the next great Crime fiction book to devour. This was one of those novels that seems pretty straightforward for the most part but actually blows you away at the end (unless your detective powers are amazing and you suss out the twists).

Ray Drake has been trying to forget about the dark secret in his past. Only now that secret is staring him in the face and it’s getting harder and harder to hide it from his protégé who is in charge of the case. While Ray races against his own department to make sure his part in the past is erased, a killer is out there somewhere systematically picking off the people they shared a past with. The only question is who catches up to Ray first: the killer or his team?

As with all great Crime fiction novels, this one has an epic twist or two that keeps the reader guessing right up until the end. I’ll admit that this one had me stumped and I was blown away by the revelation – not something that happens often, I’m proud to admit.

The story delves into Drake’s past as he struggles to keep his family together in the present with the threat of the killer looming closer and closer to his own home. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn the dark past that all the victims share and what part Drake played in it all. It’s not an easy read at times, their past is littered with abuse and was terrible to read but it does explain why Drake fights so hard to keep everything hidden.

This is an explosive read with complex characters and situations that will keep you guessing. I’m not going to lie, I was thinking about this book for days after I finished. The twist was just so unexpected for me that it took me a while to wrap my head around how perfectly it was executed.

Highly recommend this to all Crime and Thriller fans. This is one you definitely don’t want to miss out on.


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About the Author

I’ve been a journalist and an award-winning music radio producer. I worked for about five minutes in PR.

But I write now, which is just as well, because I love writing. It’s my dream job.

It’s nice to see you here, thanks for coming, but you can also find me on social media.

I’m on Facebook. If you like The Two O’Clock Boy, if you’re interested in keeping up to date with news, events and giveaways – everything Drake and Crowley, basically – then head to my author page and, you know, ‘like’ the page.

Or if Twitter’s your thing then you can find me there, too, @markhillwriter. I tweet about all sorts: writing, books, movies, games, custard, otters, all the stuff you like. So give me a follow.

But wait, before you do any of that, make sure you buy my book.

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*Picture and Biography from Goodreads

3 thoughts on “New Release Book Review: The Two O’Clock Boy by Mark Hill

  1. This looks amazing, it’s my kind of book 😀 Loved your review, especially what you said about the twist… now I want to read it haha

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