Week In Review: January 16th to January 22nd


Books Finished


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Currently on page 153 of 272.

This week has been a pretty hectic one for me. We had a family bereavement which has made things a bit chaotic. I still managed to read a bit more of this one while I was staying at my mum’s (I had the dentist) and I’m still really enjoying it. I’m looking forward to finishing this one in the coming week and seeing what happens at the end.

Release Date: June 24th 2016

Currently on page 63 of 355.

I was hoping to have this book finished this week but sadly didn’t have the time. I’m part of the blog tour for it this coming week though so it’s my top priority for reading. I’m not far enough into it to really know much about how the different story lines are connected but I’m intrigued to see where things go from here.

Release Date: January 26th 2017

Currently on page 38 of 121.

I probably could have finished this book by now if I hadn’t been so busy. So far, it’s an entertaining read and I’m sure kids will love it.

Release Date: February 9th 2017.
No Goodreads Page

Currently on page 49 of 378.

I’m really enjoying this one so far. I love Wing’s voice and I’m intrigued to see what happens to push her towards running. I will probably finish this one fairly quickly if I’m able to this week with everything going on. It’s one of those books that I will easily lose myself in.

Release Date: January 5th 2017

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