January TBR | Final Update

January is only two days away from being over so this is my final update of my TBR progress before I do my wrap up next Monday!


Look familiar? Yeah, it’s exactly the same as the last time I did an update. That’s not to say I haven’t been reading, I have! Just not any of the books on this list, unfortunately. I’m most likely going to carry some of the books over to February’s TBR, but I’m going to have to think about what ones those will be.

Other Books Read This Month:

  • Everything Leads to You – Nina LaCour
  • Attack of the Alien Dung – Gareth P. Jones
  • Girl Hearts Girl – Lucy Sutcliffe
  • Burned & Broken – Mark Hardie
  • Birthright Vol.1 – Joshua Williamson

How did your January reading go? Are you going to do a last minute reading push like myself to squeeze in a few more books?

4 thoughts on “January TBR | Final Update

    • I absolutely LOVED it. It’s my turn on the blog tour tomorrow so I’ll have a review up if you want to check it out. I’ve seen some people comparing it a little to 50 Shades (don’t know if that makes it more or less appealing for you!). I didn’t get that vibe but I haven’t actually read 50 Shades haha.

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