Top Five Wednesday | Current Favs That Aren’t Books


This week’s topic is insanely hard for me because I don’t have a lot of favourite things that are not books. I still managed it though!

1. RuPaul’s Drag Race


By far and away, I was late watching this show. It was bad because I’d missed the excitement of watching the show as it happened, but it was awesome cause it meant I could binge all the seasons! I finally caved to watch it after a fellow writer friend, Justin, told me how awesome it was. I was sceptical… then I watched it. I am in love with this show and I’m dying for the new season to come out… although I haven’t actually looked to see when that is. I know what I’m doing when I finish this post!

2. Kayln Nicholson’s YouTube Channel

Image result for kalyn nicholson thumbnail

I only discovered this channel around the end of the year and I have to say, she is an inspiration. This girl is like, four years younger than me and has her life together so much better than me. I’m trying to adopt some of her routine advice into my own life.

She’s a pretty versatile YouTuber. She does advice, make up, fitness, vlogs. There’s a little something for everyone, I think.

3. YouTubers Playing Resident Evil VII

Image result for jacksepticeye resident evil 7

This game came out recently and I am 1. too poor and 2. too cowardly to buy/play the game myself, so I’ve been watching my favourite YouTube gamers play it instead. It’s a fantastic game and if you’re into horror games, I’d totally recommend grabbing it. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of watching the likes of Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, the Game Grumps, and SplatterCat playing through the game. They’ve all picked the same ending so far though… I really want to see an alternate ending!

4. Cheesy Potato Wedges with Chives


Cheese is my life, but lately my favourite go to snack/meal is lightly spiced potato wedges with grated cheese and freeze dried chives sprinkled on the top. It’s easy to make, doesn’t take long to cook, and gives you a proper full belly!



This website has been a godsend when it’s come to looking up stuff Trump is doing. I’m not American, but some of the things that have been happening concern me deeply and I’m worried over what’s happening in the world. This website has helped put what he’s doing into perspective (only reporting on confirmed actual things, rather than speculations and such) and it’s actually a really cool way of seeing what Trump is (and isn’t) focusing on.

That was a lot harder than I thought it would be! What would you put on your list of non-book favourite things?

7 thoughts on “Top Five Wednesday | Current Favs That Aren’t Books

  1. My friend got me hooked on Ru Paul’s Drag Race – Part of his Christmas present the other year was a mug that said Don’t F*ck It Up.

    At the moment I’m really loving Lucifer on TV, although it’s just gone on hiatus until May so I’m not sure what I’m going to do!

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