February TBR


It’s the first Monday in February so it’s time to unveil my TBR (unless you already looked at the TBR List page, then you’ll already know).

I’m going with a theme of picking 5 NetGalley eARCs, 5 author requests, and 5 physical ARCs. Or at least, I was trying to. I only have 4 author requests left (hurrah!) so I threw in another physical ARC to even it out to 15.

15’s a good number for me since I’m averaging about 13 a month just now. It also gives me plenty of options when I’m trying to pick my next read.

I’m really excited about some of the books on this list and I can’t wait to jump into them. A lot of them are repeats from January that I never got around to.

I’d also like to point out that I have, in fact, finished my first read of February, and that was Fir by Sharon Gosling, the newest book in the Red Eye series from Stripes Publishing. It wasn’t on the TBR because I started it last month and was pretty far through it by the time February rolled around. Also, it comes out in 3 days so my review for this one will be up on Thursday.

What are you guys planning to read in February?

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