February TBR | Update


Well, I’m doing terrifically well on this month’s TBR at the almost halfway point this month… not!

To be honest, last week I was having a mild depressive episode and I didn’t feel like doing anything much, let alone reading. I was trying to participate in the TBRTakedown 5.0 readathon – which I had two of my TBR books on – but it just wasn’t happening.

I picked up three different books for the readathon and just wasn’t feeling any of them. Luckily, I got a new book in the post that sparked my reading back to life – and totally had nothing to do with seeing myself quoted in the front of it, nope, not at all!

So, this is what I’ve read this month so far:

  • Fir – Sharon Gosling
  • And Then We Ran – Katy Cannon

I’ve only just realised that I forgot to add Fir to my Week In Review post yesterday… oops. But yes, 2 books finished this month so far which is basically a book a week which for me is terrible. I’m hoping that I get out of my funk in the next couple days and get back on track after that.

6 thoughts on “February TBR | Update

  1. Sometimes we just don’t feel like reading for a variety of reasons. You probably wouldn’t have enjoyed them if you’d read them while not wanting to, so you did the right thing in just taking a break. 🙂

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