New Release Book Review: Beards From Outer Space by Gareth P. Jones


Title: Beards From Outer Space
Author: Gareth P. Jones
Published: May 4th 2017
Publisher: Stripes Publishing
Genre: Middle Grade, Adventure
Length: 128 pages
Source: Paperback from publisher

Book Blurb (via Goodreads):

My Thoughts

You can read my review of the first book in this series, Attack of the Alien Dung, here.

The second in the Pet Defenders series, Beards From Outer Space is jam-packed full of all the same elements that made the first book such a captivating read. There’s action, adventure, team work, and of course, strange alien beings trying to take over Earth.

Mitzy and Biskit are back to save their town – and the world – from another alien invasion. This time, the aliens have been secretly living on our world for years. Plot after plot being foiled for them, the aliens are sure that this time they will succeed. It’s down to Biskit and Mitzy to once again save the day.

Picking up where the first book left off, the Pet Defenders don’t have much time for a break before they’re thrown into their next mission. A strange race of beard-like aliens are trying to take over the world – apparently not for the first time! – and one of them was just elected Mayor. Once again, the out-of-this-world madness of this book makes for a brilliant read.

Accompanied by fantastic illustrations that captivate the imagination all the more, the new instalment of the Pet Defenders is every bit as excellent as the first.


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About the Author

 Gareth first started writing when he was very young but it wasn’t until he was in his early twenties that he completed his first novel. Having had it universally rejected he wrote a novel for children called Who Killed Charlie Twig, which received an equally unimpressed reception and remains rightly unpublished to this day.

Some years passed during which Gareth met his future wife, Lisa and began a career in TV, working on shows such as The Big Breakfast and Richard & Judy. Then one day he found himself having lunch at the offices of Bloomsbury. He mentioned the unpublished book to a nice lady called Sarah, who politely suggested that he should send in the first three chapters for her to look at (and most likely dismiss, she thought to herself). Gareth returned home and excitedly told his wife this news, who gently explained that the book he had written actually wasn’t very good, but reminded him that he had recently begun work on a much better idea. This turned out to be good advice. In 2007 Bloomsbury published the first of four books in the series The Dragon Detective Agency and have since published The Thornthwaite Inheritance, Space Crime Conspiracy and The Considine Curse. He has also written a shorter story, Perry’s 5, published by Barrington Stoke and a series of books called Ninja Meerkats, published by Stripes.

Gareth now divides his time between writing books, producing TV programmes, spending time with his wife and son, Herbie and playing the slightly ludicrous number of stringed instruments in his front room.

Website | Twitter | Goodreads

*Picture and Biography from Goodreads

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