April Wrap Up

April was a quieter month for me. I needed the break and I’m glad I did it. I’m feeling refreshed and back in a good place and cannot wait to see what May has to bring!

Books Read

28062247 31305574 32613366 22238164 29237211 34866837  34449127 18667112

Books Received

32613366 30212084 29237211 34866837 

This month, I managed to read 9 books and only received/bought 5 so yay for actually reading more than receiving for once!

Blog Stats

Top Posts

Top Visitor Countries

  • United States – 159
  • United Kingdom – 140
  • Canada – 35

Goodreads Clicks

There weren’t any this month since I only posted three reviews very late into the month.

I had 480 views, with 286 unique visitors, 137 likes and 8 comments. I only posted 20 posts during the month but received a whopping 17 new followers!

I just wanted to thank everyone for sticking with me throughout my break in April. I promise to have a full week’s worth of posts every week from now on (hopefully!) and am working hard on some new features for the blog.

Have an awesome day.

Heather x

One thought on “April Wrap Up

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