Side Challenge Saturday: Tackling My Currently Reading Shelf | Update 12

I realise that I haven’t been doing great at keeping things updated on the blog lately but now that things have calmed down a little, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things again!

Still On My Currently Reading Shelf

  1. Just One Damned Thing After Another – Jodi Taylor (pg.49)
  2. Rosie Goes To War – Alison Knight (pg.89)
  3. Orion’s Curse – Amy Bartelloni (25%)
  4. The Bones of the Earth – Scott Bury (3%)
  5. Suckers – Z. Rider (9%)
  6. Sacrificed – Emily Wibberley (28%)
  7. Half Lost – Sally Green (pg.18)
  8. Diary – Chuck Palahniuk (pg.30)
  9. Magruder’s Curiosity Cabinet – H.P. Wood (14%)
  10. A Robot In The Garden – Deborah Install (8%)
  11. Death Masks – Jim Butcher (pg.38)
  12. A Darkness At The End – Ruth Frances Long (pg.36)
  13. Elantris – Brandon Sanderson (Not Started)
  14. Corpus – Rory Clements (pg.57)
  15. The Eye Of The World – Robert Jordan (pg.64)
  16. As I Descended – Robin Talley (8%)
  17. Foul Is Fair – Jeffrey Cook (8%)
  18. Buzz Books 2017 Young Adult Spring/Summer Collection – Publishers Lunch (49%)
  19. The Code of Magic – David D. Hammons (6%)
  20. A Thousand Cuts – Thomas Mogford (pg.9)

I’m getting terrible at adding books again, so here’s the rest of my Currently Reading shelf…

I’ve decided that instead of constantly adding more books to the list, I’m removing the ones that I’ve read completely from it. That way it actually looks like it’s getting smaller!

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