Side Challenge Saturday: Open University Edition | #1

I’m doing something a little different for my Side Challenge Saturday posts for the moment. I’ll be starting my final Open University module this October and it’s all about the books. The course title is something along the lines of From Shakespeare to Austin, so as you can imagine, there’s some Shakespeare and Austin in there. Below, I’m going to list the books that I have to read and then I’ll be keeping track of my reading progress for all the books in the lead up to my module start in October. I don’t know the order in which I’ll need to read these books – or if I even need to read them all – so it’s pretty much whatever order I’ll choose to pick them up in. Do let me know if you’ve read any of these!

2262783Unsurprisingly, Pride and Prejudice is on this list. I’m fairly certain that I have actually read this before – and not just watched the movie(s) – but I could be wrong so I’ll still be giving it a re-read anyway.

I’ve always liked Austen’s writing so I have no fears about this particular book. I’m actually looking forward to reading it (again).

I’ve got this one ordered, I don’t actually own it at the moment so I’m still waiting on it arriving at the moment.


2567909The other Austen book on the list is Persuasion. I haven’t read this one before so I’m excited to read something new from Austen. I do own this one, it was one of two books that I bought for the course months ago but I haven’t gotten around to reading it just yet.

I’m a little disappointed that there isn’t more Austen on the list but I’ll make do with the two titles that we’ve been given. I have a feeling that these two will be required reading but I will read them regardless.


652272I’ll admit, I am not the biggest fan of Shakespeare. Shocking, I know. Some of his texts I can really get into, others I just can’t. I suppose that’s true for a lot of people.

I’m actually quite interested in what this one will be like as I haven’t actually picked this one up before. I actually really enjoy reading plays so I’m hoping that I can fall into it easily.

This one just arrived the other day from my massive order of books – for some reason they’re being sent out individually so my postie is going to love me.


6498837This is one that I keep passing at work and I’m tempted to pick it off the shelf and flick through it but I’m waiting patiently for my own copy to arrive.

I don’t really have any idea what this one will be like but I’m at the stage where I’m excited to read all of them so I’m sure I’ll finally have my flick through when the book arrives in the next couple of days.

I’m a little disappointed that most of the books are plays, rather than fiction, but it’s not overly annoying.


7521214This is a book that I have at least heard of before but I have never read it. It’s another one that hasn’t arrived yet and I’m not sure how quickly I’ll pick this one up over the others – I suppose it depends on how big it is.

I think it’ll be important for me to read all of these ‘for fun’ before I head into the module and have to analyse them because that does sometimes kill my passion for the read.

Hopefully that won’t happen too much with these!


4044380Glancing at the blurb and page count on Goodreads, I’m ridiculously excited about this one. It might seem like a beast at 600+ pages but the subject really intrigues me.

This is another one that hasn’t quite arrived yet but I have a feeling that when it does, it’ll be one of the first ones I pick up to read.

It’s not very often that I feel this intrigued and excited about a book in general, so the fact that it’s one of my set texts is awesome.

Hopefully I’m not disappointed once I start it!

7722059For someone who’s not the greatest fan of Shakespeare, there’s a lot of it on this module. It’s unfortunate that it’s not more balanced but I’ve yet to see what the textbooks are like and what the actual ratio of the study is so I can’t really judge it right now.

This one isn’t as beefy as the Arden Shakespeare plays at least so it shouldn’t be as taxing to read if I don’t find it entirely engaging.

Plays are generally a faster read so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much.

4158530This one has me intrigued because the plays are apparently comedies and I do generally enjoy them so much more. It doesn’t look like it’ll be too long a read either, at only 300+ pages.

This is another one that I’m waiting on arriving but it might be one of the first that I read as well.

It’s hard to try and prioritise some of the books over others at the moment, but these are my first impressions.


11118This was the other book that I bought months ago and I’ve never picked it up. I don’t have it sitting beside me right now but I’m pretty sure that I bought the wrong version as well, because I’m pretty sure the cover is different. So that doesn’t bode well!

I’ve obviously heard of this story before but I’ve never actually read it so I’m looking forward to picking it up some time soon and actually seeing what the actual story is all about.

It’s quite a beefy book so I’ll have to see where it’ll land on my order.

25667893Hamlet is a story I am very familiar with without ever having actually read it. It’s one of those plays that has had references made in a lot of TV shows and such.

I’m looking forward to actually properly reading it finally, but it is one big beefy book! Plus it’s Shakespeare.

So it’s a big, beefy, Shakespeare play and that’s a dangerous combination for me. It could completely suck me in or I could end up wanting to bash it against my head as I try to muddle through it. I guess I’ll have to see.


15952314This one I know absolutely nothing about other than the fact it was one of the most expensive books on the list!

I don’t have it just yet so I can’t even flick through to try and glean what it’s like.

I’m probably not going to read this one first, it’ll most likely be one of the last ones but only because it’s not one that I really know much about and so I’m not really that fussed for picking it up.

That might change once I actually have it in my hands though.

18402710Finally, we have another play. This is another one that I know very little about but I do have it in my hands and I do see that it is quite short so I could probably read it fairly quickly.

I’ve no idea what the play is about, what the tone is, or anything like that so that’ll be fun to read through and figure out.

As I said, I’m a little disappointed in the number of plays included but not having all the books actually here, there might not be as many as I think – right now it’s all plays in my little stack apart from two.

Overall, I’m really excited to start this module and I’m really hoping that I will have most, if not all, of these books read by then. So, Side Challenge Saturday will now be tracking that for the immediate future as they’re a little more important than my Currently Reading shelf.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Heather x

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