Side Challenge Saturday: Tackling My Currently Reading Shelf | Update 1

So, it’s been a week and I think I’ve done really well! I mean, I’ve had a pretty hard going week. I had work Monday, Wednesday and Friday (which always eats into my productive/reading time!) and we had a funeral on Tuesday which lasted most of the day. I did get a fair bit of reading done over the weekend. Continue reading

Anyone want to review a free book?

So, I’m not sure if anyone’s aware of this, but I don’t just enjoy reading books. I also enjoy writing them! So far, I’ve published three works: a novel and two novellas. As a reviewer, I know how important it is to share a writer’s work if I loved it, or give a very valid reason as to why I didn’t. I try to be really positive in all of my reviews, even if I didn’t love the book. Continue reading